About us.

Quality in-home personal training

Let the gym come to you! Making London, Ontario and surrounding towns healthier!

Focus on overall health and fitness

We build personal programs based on your fitness level and goals.

Proper body mechanics

Having the proper techniques during exercises improves weight loss and toning!

Hormone Support

By understanding how your cycle affects your weight loss and health, you can learn to reach your goals faster.

Guidance into the real world

We will educate you in a way that will allow you to feel more comfortable so you can eventually work out on your own. We work with YOU to ensure the best program for you.

Systematic training

We have developed a progressive phasing program that all our trainers and associates follow. This program is designed to keep you progressing.

We’ll never give you up on you

We’ll keep pushing you and trying until we find a system that works for you. We work with other specialists to ensure you’re getting the best advice.