When Plans Fail

When I first had the idea to stat a blog while I was away about what I eat while on vacation, my thought was to do a short little travel/food blog that would help others while they were away to save money and not gain 20lbs. I was going to blog every meal I took and then also record my workouts for you in these amazing cities! But similarly to traveling, shit didn’t go as planned. I only brought my iPad because traveling with a laptop increases your chances of getting pulled into extra searches at the airport (this is a freebie tip everyone 😉 and I was already traveling pretty heavy so I didn’t want the extra pain in the A of adding a laptop bag to my haul.

I had downloaded the blogger app and sat down in the Barcelona airport after our first leg of the trip to write down all my food tips and then the app crashed and I lost everything. Frustrated, I rewrote what I remembered and then copied it and it crashed again… okay, what’s up? I google “blogger app crashing” and realized that the app had been discontinued. Great. So I log in to the webbrowser and rewrite it… this time, can’t post photos. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…

Okay, forget this, I guess it’s not going to work  out and I’ll have to do it when I get back. As if I had all the time in the world to do that on my ONE day jetlagged weekend. To top it all off, my live workouts went out the window as the places we stayed at were tiny apartments in central cities… what was I thinking? But, just like with traveling, you can plan but plan that they will fall through. I had used Foursquares to find restaurants I wanted to eat at but I don’t think I even ate at one of them. Gluten-free eating was so hard and we spent so much money at these restaurants that we could only afford to eat 2 meals a day out eat. We had calculated 50$ each for food and we were in the most expensive parts of Europe so that went out the window with my workouts. We did manage to make our 850$ euros each last until the very end of the trip. We only used credit cards for things such as car rental, gas, cabs, ubers, souvenirts, ect. But we spent every single last penny of our food fund.

So the next blog I’m posting is the one I wrote at the Barcelona aiport. I’ve tweeked it a bit to conclude everything and the photos are random and not so sequential.

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