Veganism – why the heck am I so hungry?

For the past month or so I have been trying to sit down and write about becoming a vegan. I wanted to experiment what happens when you turn fully plant-based but I haven’t been able to write a blog about it because, well, I still can’t stop eating fish and eggs.

The main question on my mind lately has been “why the fck are you always so goddamn hungry!?!?” seriously. How are vegans always so thin when all I want to do is shove carbs in my face. I wake up in the middle of the night to eat, I wake up ready to kill someone, after I eat I have anxiety about needing to eat more, I reach for cupcakes and protein bars all the time.

I think I need to speak with someone who has been eating vegan for a long time, and someone that has been vegan for a short period of time. Part of the reason I love paleo so much is that it’s easy, filling, and all my cravings are gone! I don’t reach for the sugar as much when I’m paleo.  Also, the meals are much more interesting. After almost a month of being vegan (besides an egg a day or a fish a day) I’m sick of it. The food is bland, I feel so spacey, I’m tired all the time and I just don’t want to eat another goddamn vegan meal! haha

I’m going to keep going though, I think I have some ideas to curb some issues. I have ordered a bunch of vegan freezer meals so I can stop trying to make elaborate meals. I am eating more nuts and will buy some cinnamon roasted almonds so I can eat a few of those if I get the sugar cravings. If anyone has any other ideas, please send them my way.

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